Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet Bill "Buffalo Bill" that is

The Buffalo

While grazin' quietly a man I see
so I watch him, as he watches me
the question bein' who's gonna flee!
I guess he will 'cuz I'm that big
but I can't stand his feathered wig.

So I'll just blow me, lots of snot
and watch his pony spook a lot
Well! it bucks to the West, lands in the East
for I the buffalo, am a mighty beast.
Brown and hairy, but do I care
these northern plains, I will not share
but! Go young Indian do not fear
as your painted pony starts to rear.
I shall let you live to tell the tale
brave young Warrior who's face is pale

as the sunset fades over mountains yonder
I can't help but to look and wonder
why the painted pony stands quiet and proud
beneath western skies without a cloud
but then I see,
in the Warrior's eyes,
sad tears have filled
for I the buffalo, shall be killed.

Written by: Mary Ann Pont
These cute big hairy critters live down the road from me. They have lived there for about 22 years that I know of. Today when I went to take there pics. one walked up to me and let me pet him. The one I got a close up of is name Bill, "imagine that" lol. The hair on his face feels like a wire brush and it's really thick. He kept giving me mean eyes. I wasn't sure if he was going to attack me are not, but he turned out to be really nice. I tried calling the rest of his family up but they wouldn't come. Then I thought maybe I wasn't calling them right. Just how do you call a buffalo? I figured the best way to get a close up of the ones down by the pond was to use the zoom on my camara. After a day of walking in the woods and taking pics. of buffalo, I figured I might need to get home to my "brave" husband and cook his dinner. lol


Eve said...

Gerat pics. I've never seen a buffalo up close and persoanl. I wouldn't get near enough to touch a buffalo unless God tells me too. He didn't so I ain't.

Carla said...

I petted one in a petting zoo once and was amazed how thick their coats are. "Bill" is very handsome...for a buffalo:)