Monday, August 11, 2008

The Harvest is Plenty

This is a very short story about a man name Charlie. He was born and raised around my neighborhood. His family was very poor financially but, the love he had for animals and people of the community was unbelievable.
Charlie was a very smart boy that grew to be a very smart man.
When Charlie was a boy growing up he loved to hunt and just be in the woods. After school almost everyday his mother would find him in the woods, if not hunting he would be just watching the many animals there or taking pics. of them. He grew to be a very wealthy man and with his money he would help anyone who needed it and that he knew was trying to help themselves.
He also bought about 800 hundred acer's near and around his home. This land was bought for the soul purpose of letting all the hunters around here hunt wild game. As long as they eat what they killed, and for letting the animals live and eat there as they wish.
Every year Charlie would plant chestnut trees, blueberry bushes, satsumma trees, persimmon trees, pear trees just to name a few. If I was to guess I would say he has planted about 200 or more of each one of the trees and bushes. These trees and bushes are all planted along side all the dirt roads he has put on the land. It is just a wonderful sight to see when all this is in bloom every year.
He also plants a very large garden for the people in the community . Every year he plants about 200 tomato plants, rows of okra, squash 3 or 4 types of them, turnips, collards, mustards, eggplants and the list go's on and on.
He doesn't have any running water any where near the trees or garden so he comes over 2 or 3 times and week and brings alot of 5 gal. buckets and waters all this by hand. He dosn't allow anyone to cut down any trees on the land either, but after hurrican katrina he had a lot that got blew down but with these he peeled the bark off by hand and pole peeler and used it to mulch his new trees he planted this year.The trunks he cut to go under the mulch. He would also take some of the larger trunks and hollow them out and make feed trough out of them.
Now let me tell you something there is just absolutely know way I could do all this. This is one man that truly loves and is well loved not only for what his does for the community but for his heart as well.
I say God Bless this man for he has surly blessed us.

This is just a few of the different trees and things he has planted and made.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back in the Day Lily

I found this daylily in the woods on my land one day. Back in the day before I moved here, This lady name Lula lived here and she planted it. I was told she planted it the day her and her husband Wayne got married which was June 19th 1958. Well Lula found out she had cancer and she died in 1984. Her and Wayne lived a very happy life together. Then in 1987 I met and married Wayne.We were out walking one day and came across this daylily and he told me the story about the lily. We decided to clear some land and inlarge our yard one year and I made sure the lily was part of the yard. Well Wayne died of cancer in 1997, but this beautiful lily lives on. I think Lula knew what she was doing the day she planted that lily.
It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.
By:William Carlos Williams

Meet Bill "Buffalo Bill" that is

The Buffalo

While grazin' quietly a man I see
so I watch him, as he watches me
the question bein' who's gonna flee!
I guess he will 'cuz I'm that big
but I can't stand his feathered wig.

So I'll just blow me, lots of snot
and watch his pony spook a lot
Well! it bucks to the West, lands in the East
for I the buffalo, am a mighty beast.
Brown and hairy, but do I care
these northern plains, I will not share
but! Go young Indian do not fear
as your painted pony starts to rear.
I shall let you live to tell the tale
brave young Warrior who's face is pale

as the sunset fades over mountains yonder
I can't help but to look and wonder
why the painted pony stands quiet and proud
beneath western skies without a cloud
but then I see,
in the Warrior's eyes,
sad tears have filled
for I the buffalo, shall be killed.

Written by: Mary Ann Pont
These cute big hairy critters live down the road from me. They have lived there for about 22 years that I know of. Today when I went to take there pics. one walked up to me and let me pet him. The one I got a close up of is name Bill, "imagine that" lol. The hair on his face feels like a wire brush and it's really thick. He kept giving me mean eyes. I wasn't sure if he was going to attack me are not, but he turned out to be really nice. I tried calling the rest of his family up but they wouldn't come. Then I thought maybe I wasn't calling them right. Just how do you call a buffalo? I figured the best way to get a close up of the ones down by the pond was to use the zoom on my camara. After a day of walking in the woods and taking pics. of buffalo, I figured I might need to get home to my "brave" husband and cook his dinner. lol

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is a female sago and it's time for her to be pollinated.This sago belongs to my boss. She has a beautiful yard, I will be posting some of her other plants and palms later.
Cycas revoluta, one of the most primitive living seed plants, are very unusual and popular ornamentals. A rugged trunk, topped with whorled feathery leaves has lead to the common name "Sago Palm", however it is actually related to conifer and Ginko trees - all cone bearing plants which trace their origins back to the ancient flora of the early Mesozoic era. Often called "living fossils", Cycads have changed very little in the last 200 million years.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama's Gardenia

This Gardenia started from a little cutting my Mama rooted for me. I never could get anything to root like she did. All she would do was put the cutting into a glass of water set it in her window seal and make sure it didn't run out of water. So one day I decided I needed something to go on both sides of my walk it's about 50' long. So I needed alot of something. Everything I looked at was so expensive for the amount of plants I needed. So I decided to take cuttings off my now grown Gardenia. I cut about 70 or more cuttings off it and put them in a glass of water like mama did. And guess what!! I have tiny little roots on all the cuttings. So maybe I can plant along side my walk after all. Without it costing an arm and a leg to do it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I named this palm Stormy after Katrina hit the coast. I had just bought and planted this palm about 1 week before the hurricane. We realized we were going to get the brunt of the storm so I ask my DH to please do something so as maybe to help it stay upright during the storm. I loved this palm and had always wanted one and I really didn't want to lose it. So Larry tied and staked all 4 sides of the tree to the ground. He said thats all he knew to do. And thank God and Larry it worked. It was the only tree I had left standing after the storm. I lost 2 almost 80 years old oak tree's, and several hugh pecan trees. But we did save Stormy. Later I decided to plant some sago's around him just to dress him up and show him off. lol


I pulled this tree up behind a building in town when it was about 5" tall. I planted it behind my koe pond, not thinking it would live much less grow. I watched it and babied it along the way. I walked out to the pond one day and noticed a very large gorgeous bloom hanging off it and a tag of baby banana's, above it. I was so excitied, I kept a very close eye on it from that day on. Then Katrina decided she would uproot all my trees in the yard including my banana tree.. I lost the entire plant that day except for a small piece about 8" tall. So I dug that up and transplanted it beside my New Porch and it took off again, I noticed the other day another bloom on it and small banana's. Let's pray we don't have another hurricane this year. I really would love to taste these banana's.