Sunday, July 13, 2008


I pulled this tree up behind a building in town when it was about 5" tall. I planted it behind my koe pond, not thinking it would live much less grow. I watched it and babied it along the way. I walked out to the pond one day and noticed a very large gorgeous bloom hanging off it and a tag of baby banana's, above it. I was so excitied, I kept a very close eye on it from that day on. Then Katrina decided she would uproot all my trees in the yard including my banana tree.. I lost the entire plant that day except for a small piece about 8" tall. So I dug that up and transplanted it beside my New Porch and it took off again, I noticed the other day another bloom on it and small banana's. Let's pray we don't have another hurricane this year. I really would love to taste these banana's.


Eve said...

Billy is so jealous of your palm tree. Wait until I tell him you have bananas on your banana tree. Of course, he could too, if he would plant his in the ground instead of in the wheelbarrow where he put them when he brought them home. LOL They are growing though. Go figure.

tina said...

What a beautiful banana tree! Too bad about Katrina. You must live near Eve on the Gulf coast? You have a bunch of lovely tropical plants.

Doris said...

Thanks alot Tina! Yeah I do live near Eve about 30 miles. She's my dear sweet sister-in-law. And yes Eve, I'm still working toward that christmas list for this year. lol