Sunday, July 13, 2008


I named this palm Stormy after Katrina hit the coast. I had just bought and planted this palm about 1 week before the hurricane. We realized we were going to get the brunt of the storm so I ask my DH to please do something so as maybe to help it stay upright during the storm. I loved this palm and had always wanted one and I really didn't want to lose it. So Larry tied and staked all 4 sides of the tree to the ground. He said thats all he knew to do. And thank God and Larry it worked. It was the only tree I had left standing after the storm. I lost 2 almost 80 years old oak tree's, and several hugh pecan trees. But we did save Stormy. Later I decided to plant some sago's around him just to dress him up and show him off. lol

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Eve said...

That is one great palm tree. And here we are again, Hurricane Season. I sure hope you don't have to tie it down this year.