Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama's Gardenia

This Gardenia started from a little cutting my Mama rooted for me. I never could get anything to root like she did. All she would do was put the cutting into a glass of water set it in her window seal and make sure it didn't run out of water. So one day I decided I needed something to go on both sides of my walk it's about 50' long. So I needed alot of something. Everything I looked at was so expensive for the amount of plants I needed. So I decided to take cuttings off my now grown Gardenia. I cut about 70 or more cuttings off it and put them in a glass of water like mama did. And guess what!! I have tiny little roots on all the cuttings. So maybe I can plant along side my walk after all. Without it costing an arm and a leg to do it.


Eve said...

First off, Champ looks georgeous. What a pretty dog. I am so happy to see you carrying on your Mama's tree. It is like having a little bit of her, still with us. Did you get a cutting of the hydrangea? And the fig tree?

Doris said...

Thanks on Champs part. He would tell you himself but he's a bit closed mouth this morning. lol As for as the hydrangea's and fig tree no I didn't sorry to say, but I have made you some fig perserves, strawberry fig perserves and of course perserved figs.

Eve said...

You are my current Hero. LOL