Monday, July 14, 2008

Mama's Gardenia

This Gardenia started from a little cutting my Mama rooted for me. I never could get anything to root like she did. All she would do was put the cutting into a glass of water set it in her window seal and make sure it didn't run out of water. So one day I decided I needed something to go on both sides of my walk it's about 50' long. So I needed alot of something. Everything I looked at was so expensive for the amount of plants I needed. So I decided to take cuttings off my now grown Gardenia. I cut about 70 or more cuttings off it and put them in a glass of water like mama did. And guess what!! I have tiny little roots on all the cuttings. So maybe I can plant along side my walk after all. Without it costing an arm and a leg to do it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I named this palm Stormy after Katrina hit the coast. I had just bought and planted this palm about 1 week before the hurricane. We realized we were going to get the brunt of the storm so I ask my DH to please do something so as maybe to help it stay upright during the storm. I loved this palm and had always wanted one and I really didn't want to lose it. So Larry tied and staked all 4 sides of the tree to the ground. He said thats all he knew to do. And thank God and Larry it worked. It was the only tree I had left standing after the storm. I lost 2 almost 80 years old oak tree's, and several hugh pecan trees. But we did save Stormy. Later I decided to plant some sago's around him just to dress him up and show him off. lol


I pulled this tree up behind a building in town when it was about 5" tall. I planted it behind my koe pond, not thinking it would live much less grow. I watched it and babied it along the way. I walked out to the pond one day and noticed a very large gorgeous bloom hanging off it and a tag of baby banana's, above it. I was so excitied, I kept a very close eye on it from that day on. Then Katrina decided she would uproot all my trees in the yard including my banana tree.. I lost the entire plant that day except for a small piece about 8" tall. So I dug that up and transplanted it beside my New Porch and it took off again, I noticed the other day another bloom on it and small banana's. Let's pray we don't have another hurricane this year. I really would love to taste these banana's.